Summer is officially here: grab the beach brollies, some strawberries and cream and pop the Wimbledon on! The UK is revelling in the freedom of summer holidays, al-fresco dining and enjoying all the festivities the hot weather brings. So, let’s give you some ways you can celebrate summer with our inspiration from Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, from garden parties, to seasonal recipes and ways to connect with your loved ones.

Get outside into nature

Use this delightful weather to inspire your senses and inner explorer. Grab a pal or take a solo adventure. Visit a place of natural beauty nearby, whether that’s the beach, some gardens, the mountains, it doesn’t matter! Get outside and enjoy some of the fresh air while the weather is good: studies show that getting outside, even just for a 10 minute walk outdoors, boosts your mental health and mood significantly! Find time to take a dip outdoors, in a river, the sea or even a lake if you have one nearby; this time of year the water is so refreshing and ideal for a soothing dip on a hot day.

Host a garden party or barbeque

Summer is often a time of weddings, parties and celebrations. Grab your nearest and dearest and host a summer gathering to remember. If you don’t have a garden, hit up your nearest park, beach or community garden and host a picnic, a ‘bring a plate’ party or a barbeque (if the community space allows!). Finding time to connect and relax with loved ones is a perfect way to soak up the sunshine this summer and enjoy those memorable moments. Don’t forget to top up your tipple stash with our 3 for £95 spirit deal, and you can check out our blog for lots of summer cocktail recipes to enchant your guests and spread some sparkle.

Try out some new recipes

Summer is such a beautiful time for seasonal fruits and veggies, making it a great time to try out some new recipes, prepare some preserves for the winter months or to just have fun with loved ones. Strawberries are an excellent example of a fresh seasonal fruit on offer at the moment; nothing beats UK strawberries in the summer! Try out a strawberry shortcake recipe, a strawberry and feta salad, or check out our recipe for a Strawberry & Elderflower Smash gin cocktail.

Summer Cocktails

Embrace the beautiful summer energy

The summer is always such a beautiful to go out there and do. Use this time to be inspired by the abundance of nature and tap into your inner magic; this is the time to try out new things, explore a new hobby and do that thing you’ve been putting off! Now is the time to strike, with summer in full flow we are encouraged with the solar energy to find time to play, release our inner child and find wonder in this magical summer season. Try some yoga outside, host a game of rounders with friends or spend a day making recipes you’ve been meaning to. It’s so important to nurture that inner child, so what will you do this summer for fun and play?

The exciting summer times always bring a sense of wonder and joy, the warmer weather is an invitation to step outside and revel in the sunshine and just do. So, embrace that solar energy and dive into something new, host a party or take a long trip out into nature.

Here at Welsh Witch HQ, we are wishing you a magical summer, filled with sunshine, good times with good people, and of course a delicious tipple here and there!

Love and light,

Welsh Witch HQ x