On Monday the 3rd of July, we will be blessed with a beautiful full supermoon characterised in July as the ‘Buck Moon’. Named, aptly so, after this time when antlers of male deer are at their peak growth during this month. Stags shed their antlers each year to grow a bigger, more impressive set the following year. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that this supermoon is used as a time of growth, transformation, and shedding negativity. We’re going to have a look at some of the best ways you could spend this day of lunar wonder.

Ways you can celebrate the Buck Moon

Since July’s moon is a supermoon (and the first one of 2023 at that!), meaning it orbits slightly closer to the Earth than normal, it will appear bigger and brighter in the night sky than a normal moon. This means it’ll be very hard to ignore the light and lunar energy radiating from the Buck Moon; get ready to use this time to supercharge your life this July. The other supermoons of the year will be happening in August (one on the 1st and one on the 31st) and on the 29th of September, so this summer is going to be filled with lots of beautiful feminine energy. There are lots of things you can do to honour the energy of a supermoon (or any full moon!), whatever you choose to do should feel right for you and remember to remain true to your authentic self.

Now, are you ready for some inspiration for what to do?

1. Plan a new dream, project or goal

This Buck Moon is often seen as a symbol of fertility – due to the full male antlers signifying mating season, but whether that means literally or symbolically is up to you! Characteristically full moons are seen as times to sit back and enjoy your hard work, but the masculine nature of the stags this time of year shows that now is the time to go for it! Use this fruitful time to start a new hobby, tick something off your bucketlist or cultivate a new friendship. Seeing your little seed grow into a greater plant in a few months’ time will be so rewarding if you put things into place during the Buck Moon. Nurturing is a very important process during this transformational lunar energy; what will you nurture this July?

2. Celebrate the moonlight

If it wasn’t obvious, the light from this Buck Moon is going to be pretty intense! You can honour this light by celebrating it however feels authentic to you. Perhaps meditate during the full moon with a guided visualisation, or practice gratitude while bathing yourself in the moonlight. If you’d prefer company, hold a supermoon ceremony or join in a women’s circle or witch’s circle. Use this time to honour the light, give thanks for mother nature and the cyclical events that give us life. If you’d like, use candles to make this celebration of light even more magical.

3. Shed anything that’s holding you back from growing

Just as the male deer would with their antlers each year, use this time as a metaphorical purge of your own antlers. What is holding you back from growing bigger and stronger? Use a journal or in your head think about what is keeping your from progressing further and becoming your best self. If you hold onto any negative emotions that are stopping you from healing, use this time to let these go too. Visualise yourself physically purging these emotions. Similarly, you could write them on a piece of paper and (safely!) set them alight in a controlled environment.

4. Connect with your feminine energy

While the moon’s counterpart the sun emanates masculine energy, the lunar energy is feminine, meaning this is a great time to tap into that feminine energy and honour this sacred time to nurture, venture inwards and reflect. Honour that feminine magic inside each and every one of us and use this time to welcome feelings of gratitude, compassion, and unconditional love for all. Spend time with loved ones or enjoy a self-care evening with all your favourite things; there is no right or wrong way to honour your feminine energy!

When you look up at the moon on Monday, remember how truly connected we all are. Each day is a magical opportunity! However you decide to enjoy the magical supermoon, we hope it is filled with magic, joy and comfort for your soul. May this be a time of calm amongst chaos and let it remind you how special your place is in this big, beautiful world of ours.

Love and light,

Welsh Witch HQ x