Our frizzante is a great addition to our mobile bar and most certainly attracts attention of the guests. Bolla, is served directly from a font, by the glass ice cold and crisp!Alternatively, you can have our Frizzante by Bolla Prosecco draught product installed as a permanent fixture to your bar, hotel or restaurant.


Our product is Bio Dynamic, so NO chemicals or pesticides to the grapes. You can see this by the clarification of the colour and it is produced in the most natural way.Bolla has a very fine bubble, and is a perfect aperitif, with an appetizer or dessert. This particular cuvee is soft and clean with apple and quince fruit flavours, paired with a naturally off-dry finish. It has a beautiful acidity which will uplift the palate, and reassure a second glass…or maybe more!?Frizzante is a drink the market already know, but with a few small stipulations. Frizzante is Prosecco, however EU regulations dictate Prosecco must be served from a bottle. As we remove that unnecessary glass waste, we call it Frizzante.


Prosecco is one of the wines suggested as a potential New Year’s Eve partner, but consumption these days doesn’t centre around that one night. It is now a popular bubbly for any occasion or no occasion, pairing with a meal or just a beverage sip.– Prosecco was born in 1948. Frizzante is the non bottled variety.– It is produced using the ‘Glera’ grape in the Veneto region– It has been an explosive growth for prosecco in pubs by 270% since 2011– 2/3 of Prosecco sales go through Britain’s retailers– British Bars, Pubs and Clubs are enjoying sales increase by 50% annually– Prosecco is served from a bottle and Frizzante is served from a keg – the Italians call it Proseccino

Veneto Region, in a small village called Refrontolo and the hill is Colli Trevigiani.The region is just 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Venice in the Treviso province and covers over 20,000 hectares. That’s pretty impressive given the land is wedged between the Dolomites and the Adriatic and is perilously hilly, with the grapes growing at 50-500 metres above sea level.


Bolla Frizzante/Prosecco is made with hand harvested precious grapes in the genuine area of Prosecco.  All the production phases are followed with passion and care: from the selection of grape, to the wine making, to the sparkling process and the ageing in the little barrels until the final phase or bottling and kegging.Bolla Frizzante/Prosecco is made using the Charmat Method.  This method has been developed by the Italians and is mainly used in Italian wines especially Prosecco.  The duration of fermentation affects the quality; longer fermentation preserves the wines aromas and a finer bubble.  Bolla Frizzante needs natural fermentation for 60 days in tanks under a certain pressure after the yeast is removed.

TASTING NOTESDeliciouseasy drinking, lightly sparkling style of Prosecco with a mischievous sapidity as an Italian might say.The nose suggests blanched almondswhite flowers and pear skin.The palate is soft and clean with apple and quince fruit flavours with a naturally off-dry finish.


Expand your businessDeliver a new product available to selected venues only.Boost your salesEasier, more visual, more productive sales.Increase profitsHigher profit margin than bottled alternatives & faster service.Support the environmentBio Dynamic, so NO chemicals or pesticides.

No Waste on opened,flat half sold bottlesFantastic profitsEasy to install standard D-CouplerUnique Selling point to your customersPerfect addition to many great cocktails20 Litre kegsEach keg holds over 150 glassesUnopened keg has a 12-18 month shelf lifeOpened kegs have a 6 week shelf lifeNo additional cleaning of the pipesLower cost per glass which is beneficial for drinks on arrival or complimentary drinksLess bottle waste