Welsh Witch Gin (40% abv) is a premium Welsh dry gin with its influences rooted in North Wales.


The Welsh Witch, born in the deep mystic folklore of North Wales. Possessing a cauldron of poetic inspiration, this Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation.  Seeking to draw upon her mythical status and use of her magical cauldron, to concoct a potion to grant the gift of wisdom and inspiration.

Our welsh witch gin is distilled using pure welsh water, charged by the Moon, and is left to mature through a full moon cycle.

Welsh Witch gin is a drink suitable for all year round, and ties in beautifully to each element of the gin flavour wheel.

We suggest Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic as the perfect accompaniment yet each mixer will have its own magical powers with Welsh Witch Gin….tell us your favourite.

Welsh Witch Dry Welsh Gin 50cl



We carefully selected our botanicals to bring a range of dimensions to our Gin.

It is a juniper forward gin with a range of botanicals, bringing intense flavours and refreshing bursts of textures, stimulating the palate. Why? Because it’s crafted with magic….

Full of complexity you first get the herbaceous, earthy notes from the juniper berries, blended perfectly with a refreshingly crisp hit of citrus. we then take it to the next dimension where you will continue to experience the bursts of citrus, but with delicate notes of sweetness and soft floral aromas from our locally foraged gorse flower. The gin completes its journey with a hint of spice bringing an edge, never to overpower, to the full bodied flavours. Not forgetting the remarkable viscosity and signature silkiness.

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