Introducing our range of Welsh Witch Christmas Cocktails. Christmas time means party season and no party is complete without that perfect cocktail. Are you in need of some mixology inspiration to dazzle your family and friends in your kitchen or at your home bar? Or simply want to get into the Christmas spirit with some festival cocktails.

We are lucky to have some very talented friends of Welsh Witch Craft Spirits with a flair for creating that perfect tipple. They have created some memorable holiday drinks recipes from our range of potions and elixirs.

A BIG thank you to their creators Oli_drinks and thejuniperpixie, who we highly recommend following for more inspirational drinks combinations.


When the Viking met the Witch

The days are short. It’s dark when you wake up. It’s dark when you go to sleep, so here’s a little winter warmer to help you settle in the warm at home. Oli describes this as ‘a floral forward, truly warming serve!’.

1.5 oz Welsh Witch Beltane Gin

0.5 oz Lime Juice

0.5 oz Homemade Honey Syrup

4 oz Freshly Brewed Rooibos Tea

CLICK HERE – to watch Oli’s step by step reel.



Welsh Witch Espresso Martini

This magical twist on the classic Espresso Martini from the Juniper Pixie is guaranteed to get you into the party mood. Using our Imbolc blackberry distilled gin to add a magical twist. The earthy notes of juniper, wormwood and angelica with the bitterness of the coffee make for a great drink.

50 ml Welsh Witch Imbloc Gin

25 ml coffee liqueur

15 ml sugar syrup

35 ml fresh espresso


In a Witch’s Kitchen

When it come’s to Christmas what better spirit than a spiced rum and you wont find one that fits better than our Bara Brith inspired spiced rum. Our silky smooth, spiced rum consists of citrus elements, interweaved in a variety of dried fruits, spices and has often been descripted as Christmas in a glass.

1 oz Welsh Witch Spiced Rum

1 oz White Rum

1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1 oz Plum and Peach Shrub

Egg White

CLICK HERE – to watch Oli’s step by step reel.


What’s more with our multi buy offer you can get any three of our craft spirits for £95. Which means it’s even easier to try the full range of Welsh Witch Christmas Cocktails.