A tale of gins: setbacks and springboards

In December 2019, many moons ago in the North Wales hills, the Welsh Witch distillery bloomed to life, ready to take on the world. Armed with beautiful botanical beverages fit for any occasion, Jade (the Welsh Witch herself) and her magic set to taking the gin-dustry by storm with her mystical branding and winning flavour combinations. Of course, in March 2020, the whole world changed when Covid took over the world and shut down life as we knew it. Welsh Witch had to adapt to running a business without being able to interact with customers face to face and engaging in events and talks to get exposure and increase our brand awareness.

Then… things got even more interesting

Now, if this wasn’t hard enough, in November 2020, we then got the news that two Hollywood A-Listers had bought our local town football club, Wrexham AFC. At first, we didn’t think twice about it, but once we found out who had bought the club, we were a little apprehensive! Of course, one of these A-Listers, Ryan Reynolds, is a major shareholder in global gin company Aviation, and the other, Rob McElhenney, owns a whisky company – of everyone it could have been! Not ideal for a small distillery based in Wrexham!

A short time later, Ryan Reynolds was sending pubs in the area free cases of Aviation gin, and then shortly after that they launched a Wrexham AFC edition of Aviation gin. This was interesting news for Jade as a one-woman band just trying to get the magic of the Welsh Witch distillery out there into the big wide world; but she took it in her stride and continued doing what she does best.

Jade busy making potions in her Wrexham distillery

But, little did Jade know this bump in the road in the shape of two Hollywood A-Listers would be the momentum needed to get Welsh Witch off the ground and put Wrexham on the map and radar of flavour and football enthusiasts alike. We’re very grateful things worked out the way they did, plus: a healthy dose of competition did us good! Our spirits have been going from strength to strength winning awards and enchanting the masses; distilled and brewed in the distillery featuring Welsh and Celtic inspired botanicals and ingredients. You can read more about our Spiced Rum Gold Award right here on the Welsh Witch blog.


Wrexham AFC going from strength to strength

Did you know: Wrexham AFC is the third oldest professional club in Wales! After being taken over by the new dynamic duo in town, the first year they weren’t promoted to the EFL but this has recently changed, hooray! This newfound success prompted a parade around Wrexham, which was a spectacle of community and enthusiasm, something in these trying times that is more important than ever. Keeping up with their male counter-parts, Wrexham AFC Women team have also been accruing achievements left, right and centre, including their recent promotion to semi-professional status following a string of tough wins. Reynolds’ wife and Gossip Girl icon Blake Lively’s premium mixer business is also their latest sponsor (we bet the Hollywood couple always have a G&T ready to go at home!)


Jade has admitted to not being a huge football fan but has always consistently backed Wrexham when the time calls for it. Something she has always admired is the fans for travelling up and down the country; the love and dedication of supporters behind the club is nothing short of heart-warming.

Documentaries and determination

If you’d like some more backstory on the club itself, the documentary Welcome to Wrexham (available on Disney+ and Amazon Prime) is a good insight into the club and its growth and success from the beginning. Hollywood aside, we can attest that the team have played with their heart and soul for the town and continue to do Wrexham proud. Their resilience and determination makes them so entertaining to watch; they are all workhorses and play with all the fire in their bellies just like the Welsh dragon. For that reason Wrexham have gained worldwide fans and recognition, with new fans travelling all the way from the United States to watch them play. And not dissimilarly, Wrexham AFC have scheduled games across the pond where their newfound success we’re sure will be admired and encouraged all the same.


Wrexham community spirit and bringing people together

Of course, we’re not here to throw shade on Reynolds and McElhenney. We’re actually here do to the opposite: to thank them! The effect these two have had on the entirety of Wrexham is heart-warming, inspiring and uniting for the passionate community of Wrexham. And, we can’t lie, Aviation gin is good (but don’t tell anyone we said that!) and we are flavour enthusiasts after all, so we can give credit where it’s due. We feel very lucky to be a part of this exciting time and we’re grateful for all the opportunities it’s given the Wild Moon Distillery.


Our botanical beverages inspired by Celtic folklore are true to Welsh history and traditions

And of course, talking of community spirit; the stadium Wrexham Racecourse Ground is hosting Kings of Leon for an exciting performance just next week! We’re most excited to be welcoming them to our home turf and hope they can soak up the community spirit here (Jade herself will be in the crowd cheering away!). Here’s to hoping it’s a magnificent evening, and maybe they can kick back and enjoy a Welsh Witch gin after the show?!


Welsh Witch, to North Wales and beyond

What we do know, is that we’re prouder than ever to be at the heart of the Wrexham community making our potions and elixirs. It’s a wonderful feeling being a part of this place that is full of so many passionate individuals, whether that be for sports, food and drink, or just general Welsh pride. We’re thankful for all of our customers and supporters, wherever you may be – Wrexham or beyond! Jade feels extremely lucky, and it’s a very exciting time in the business journey and we welcome you along for the ride while we continue to expand, make magic and share the wisdom of the Welsh Witch to all the corners of the world.

If any of our tipples have tickled your fancy, you can shop the entire Welsh Witch collection, here.

Everybody is welcome here in Wrexham to enjoy the football, botanical beverages or the good old Welsh fire and enthusiasm!


Love and light,


Welsh Witch HQ x