This week we’re delving into intuition; what it is, how to use it and also how to tap into that inner intuition and strengthen it for spiritual and life guidance. Here at Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, we are passionate about living authentically, showing up in a way that aligns with your goals and honouring your inner magic. That being said: take what resonates with you and work with that to begin, and feel free to explore more if you wish.

First let’s dive deep into what intuition is…

Ultimately, your intuition is a sense of inner knowing, an instinctive feeling that guides you towards what you know to be true, the right path or the best option. It is categorised as both a physical and mental sensation of being aware of which choice is the right one to take, or knowing if a certain thing is going to happen. Everyone has a sense of intuition to a degree, but it is something you can work on to strengthen in order to have less doubt and more certainty in yourself. Have you ever had a sense that something just wasn’t right? Your whole body was telling you that no matter how much reasoning or logic you gave yourself, that thing or situation just was giving you a bad vibe? Well, that gut feeling is a prime example of your intuition – or inner knowing – giving you warning signals to avoid the situation.

Similarly, it can work the opposite way, and you just know when something is the right thing for you. Everything feels aligned, your body feels at ease or ecstatic – that is your intuition affirming that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be.

Now, how do we strengthen our intuition?

Learning how to strengthen your intuition is no easy task, and nor will it happen overnight. This is something that must be worked on consistently to see improvements and deepen your trust with yourself. Your intuition draws from previous experience and situations, so you must first acknowledge that your intuition will have its flaws. Let’s take a look at the ways in which we can begin our intuitive growth journey:

Analyse your past intuition experiences

In order to strengthen our intuitive powers, we must learn from previous mistakes. Our brains are clever things, and they will seek patterns in the experiences we have. If there are any times that you thought ‘This is absolutely the right thing for me’ and it turned out to be a bad experience, or vice versa, take some time to sit with this experience and unpick why you think you had those feelings. Once we address the current thought patterns and habits we have, we can begin to work on strengthening those thoughts to make the right decisions for us instead.

Meditate frequently to recognise your inner voice

One of the most important techniques you can use to strengthen your inner voice, and thus intuition, is by meditating. Taking time out of your day to sit somewhere quiet, take some deep breaths and drop into yourself. Listen to what comes up: is it worry, self-doubt, anticipation? These thoughts are often just busy brain activity – take a moment to tell these thoughts that they are valid; they will come and go. Eventually, find a place where you mind becomes settled, the chatter of thoughts like ‘I should really wash that rug,’ or ‘I need to book a dentist appointment’ will fade. This is the time that your inner voice will begin to shine. Of course, this takes practice – but the more your practice this technique, the stronger your inner voice will get, which is key to developing that intuitive power.

Learn to trust yourself and understand your symptoms

Intuition is based largely on inner trust. Once you have addressed any mistakes you have made in your intuitive journey, you can work on progressing and thus building trust with your inner knowing. This unshakeable trust is where your intuition will begin to bloom; it will come naturally and without thought. With enough practice, this inner trust will be your intuitive compass which will let you know through somatic symptoms whether a something is right or wrong. It is important to really pay attention to how you are feeling: if a situation or opportunity is wrong, it might make you feel sick, anxious, give a quickening heartbeat, stomach ache, and so on. If a situation feels right, it might promote symptoms such as euphoria, smiling, deep feelings or calm or excitement. These cues are crucial to understanding that inner knowing; tap into them and listen to what they are telling you.

Have fun with it!

The most important part of doing any kind of inner work, personal development or deep healing is doing it for yourself. Life is serious enough as it is; use this as an opportunity to have fun with it. Grab your friends and tell them to hide a crystal (or any object!) in one of their closed hands; see if you can guess – and feel somatically – where the object is. Remember that not everyone will get it right every single time, and that is part of the beauty of being human: we are imperfect! Once you embrace this, the journey of strengthening your intuition becomes one of joy and self-discovery.

Becoming more in tune with yourself is a very powerful tool in a world where everything acts as a distraction: constant information, data and technology makes it easy for our inner knowing to take a back seat. Find a way to take back your power, get to know yourself again and rekindle that trust in yourself we all deserve. At the end of the day, you are your greatest power! Finding comfort in your own decisions and knowing what is best for you is a way to show up authentically in this world as your wonderful self.

We hope you have learned something interesting today; check out our Witch’s Journal for more magic about showing up as your authentic self, recipes and magical stories about our Welsh Witch Jade and her spiritually charged and folklore inspired craft spirits.

Love and light,

Welsh Witch HQ x