We don’t all need a reason to celebrate, but if you did – it’s World Gin Day! What better way to spend the weekend than to enjoy a refreshing tipple? If you’re looking for some inspiration, join us in our celebration of the magic and diversity of gin as we reminisce on some of our favourite gin cocktails.


  1. When the Viking Met the Witch


Feast your tastebuds on a delightfully decadent floral and aromatic cocktail this World Gin Day, perfect for those summer evenings with cherished souls. This is a summer version of our favourite winter warming cocktail ‘When the Viking Met the Witch.’ We’ve switched out the hot rooibos tea for cold by letting it cool and make sure to add an abundance of ice before serving. This floral cocktail is perfect for any garden party and feels like a sophisticated twist on fruity iced tea. For this recipe, you’ll need to mix together:


1.5oz Welsh Witch Beltane Gin

0.5oz fresh lime juice

0.5oz homemade honey syrup (or just normal honey!)

4oz freshly brewed rooibos tea which has been left to cool


You can see this delicious tipple demonstrated by Oli at Oli’s Drinks on Instagram here.

Check out Oli’s Instagram reel on how to make ‘When the Viking Met the Witch’


  1. Welsh Witch Strawberry & Elderflower Smash


With Wimbledon right around the corner and British strawberry season in full swing, why not try out our delightful Welsh Witch Strawberry & Elderflower Smash? Our Litha gin is packed full of Welsh-inspired floral ingredients, with elderflower the star of the show. Perfect to sip while enjoying a spot of tennis in the sunshine!


Muddle a handful of fresh strawberries in the bottom of a cocktail glass.


Pour in:

1.5oz Welsh Witch Litha Gin

0.5oz fresh lime juice

0.5oz Simple syrup

…And mix.


Fill the glass with ice, then top with:

4oz Soda water

Sprig of basil to garnish


Stir well and enjoy! We think this winning combination will be our drink of choice this summer.


  1. Simple and Refreshing Cucumber Gin Cocktail


A perfect pair for our Original Dry Gin is refreshing and cooling cucumber and zesty lime juice, delightful and delicate for those that prefer a less sweet cocktail.

Mix together the following ingredients for the perfect tipple to remedy a hot summer’s day:


Muddle a handful of mint and cucumber pieces in a cocktail shaker.


Add 1.5oz Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin and shake, shake shake!


Serve with your tonic of choice and garnish with a slice of lime and cucumber.

Enjoy a delightfully refreshing cucumber gin cocktail this World Gin Day!

Which One is Your Favourite?


We think they all sound delicious! Let us know if you make any of these and tag us in your creations on Instagram @welshwitch_craftspirits; similarly, if you come up with a new recipe we’d love to see it!


Here’s to a magical World Gin Day and hope you get a chance to try some of our magical potions brewed in North Wales.


Love and light,

Welsh Witch HQ x