moon charge your life

Want to learn how to moon charge your life? Keep reading to find out more! During the creation process of our Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, we understand the power of the moon and her phases being a sacred part of everyday life. We take the lunar cycles into account – we are the Wild Moon Distillery, after all – it’s only fitting we use the moon’s power to bring forward new ideas, concepts, and creations.


  1. Learn when the moon cycles are


A key aspect of learning to live with the moon cycles is getting to know the phases of the moon and what they symbolise. Finding out the current moon phase is easy, you can simply look it up online or download an app, such as, which will tell you about the phases and what this means. It can also be helpful to know the type of moon that is occurring that month. For example, the Flower Moon in May signifies the abundance of flora at that time of year, and the Full Corn Moon in September signifies the time of harvest and introspection. Reading up about each moon and setting intentions inline with them is a great way to sync your life up with the lunar cycles.


  1. Set intentions to moon charge your life


During the new moon, at the start of the lunar cycle, it is an excellent time to set intentions, invite new ideas and start a fresh beginning. An important part of starting to moon charge your life is becoming aware and present. This is the time when you can start new projects or try out new hobbies. Always try and align these activities with the start of the new moon as this is when intentions are most powerful. This time of introspection is important for grounding and looking ahead with clarity and optimism. Take some time to write down your goals for the weeks ahead or create a vision board of what you’d like to achieve. If you can, lighting a candle is a physical act which is perfect for intention setting. Our Welsh Witch Gin & Tonic Candles are a great witchy candle for any altar.

Our Welsh Witch Gin & Tonic Candles are perfect for setting intentions

  1. Know how to release what doesn’t serve


It’s important to know what to do during a full moon to utilise the powerful energy it creates. When it reaches full moon, it is easy to feel tired and emotional, as this is when the moon’s charge is energetically the strongest. Utilise these feelings to release any feelings of negativity, relationships that are no longer serving you, or unwanted burdens on your time and energy. It’s also a great time to look at your progress on your new challenges; if you started a new project or hobby during the previous new moon, use time during the full moon to appreciate how far you’ve come.


  1. Choose what you want to charge


When creating our Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, we charge our distilled healing Welsh water with the full moon, to cleanse and purify the energy before it is used in our premium award-winning spirits. You can moon charge and energy cleanse anything you wish – many choose to make their own moon water, or cleanse crystals, tarot decks or spell jars in the full moon. If you wish to cleanse yourself in the full moon, simply sit or lie somewhere in the view of the full moon, inside or outside, whichever is most comfortable for you, and imagine the moon cleansing your whole body. You can meditate or journal while you do this if you wish. Repeat each lunar cycle for an energy cleansing ritual.

  1. Cleanse your space and items regularly


Creating a routine using the lunar cycle is a perfect way to moon charge your life and make sure your items are regularly cleansed. Set a reminder before the new moon and the full moon in order to set your intentions and plan your projects. Journaling throughout the moon cycle is a good way to keep track of those intentions and seeing how the moon’s energy affects your emotions and moods throughout the month. Tying this into the astrological calendar, you may be able to understand your feelings better and find guidance in the lunar cycles.


Using the moon is a powerful way to incorporate more spirituality and intentions into your life. Throughout much of nature there are examples of cyclical processes, and at the Wild Moon Distillery we know the important role these cycles play and therefore they have a sacred place in our hearts. Do you use the moon cycles in your spiritual routines? Let us know or tag us in your rituals on instagram at @welshwitch_craftspirits.