Welsh Witch – Beltane Floral Gin

Made using reiki infused rose water, this Beltane edition Welsh Witch Gin honours the sweet and spice seen in Beltane fire rituals.

To celebrate the birthday of the Welsh Witch, we have crafted this gin inspired by all the elements and magic of Beltane.

The gin is sweet and floral celebrating summer and flowers, with our signature burst of refreshing citrus, finishing with a subtle hint of spice representing the fire in the Beltane rituals.

Using reiki infused rosewater, this magical tipple opens the heart and mind to the magic of the Beltane celebration; find yourself on an enchanting flavour adventure through the Welsh hills. Pair with Fever Tree Lemonade and garnish with summer berries and a cinnamon stick for the perfect tipple.

Each enchanting Welsh Witch Craft Spirit is bottled in small batches with adoration and care, a little piece of Celtic goddess in each sip.

50cl bottle


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"An attractively perfumed nose with blackberry and blackcurrant confected sweets;..."

this attractiveness continues to the palate. A light anise finish. An impressive sweetness throughout.

-From the Award Judges

"Definitely found my new favourite gin!..."

The Beltance Gin will be stocked in my gin collection for years to come.

– Fliss D

Tasting Notes

A Juniper forward, dry gin naturally flvoured, with no added sugar or sweetner. Noted for its; smooth viscoscity.

Sweet, floral raspberry flavour with reiki infused rose water. A floral gin with zesty citrus and notes of spicy cinnamon. Designed for the pink gin lover,

On the nose, with subtle raspberry aromas, it is a smooth, juniper-led, Dry Gin with lingering citrusy zest and essence of sweet raspberries on the palate. Hints of spice make this gin a great all-rounder.

Best served with premium lemonade over lots of ice, garnished with summer berries and a cinnamon stick.


For this gin we macerate lemons for 48 hours prior to distilliation to give it signature citrus notes.

An abundance of sweet raspberries are distilled through the vapour. A little bit of magic is added with the influsion of reoko charged rose water.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Double filtered premium gin bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labled and waxed sealed.

Small-batch, hand-crafted, blended with pure Welsh water which is charged by the moon and only using natural ingredients.

Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon.

Welsh water is charged by the full moon to cleanse and purify the energy before it is used in our premium award-winning spirits. Our distilled spirits are then fillered through crystals to bring a little more energy and magic.