Welsh Witch – Litha Elderflower Gin

A subtle and delicate elderflower gin, the Welsh Witch Litha Edition is a perfect refreshing beverage for any time of year.

This Litha Edition Welsh Witch Gin welcomes the elderflower. The Elder is sacred to the Mother Goddess and is often called the Witch’s Tree, the Elder Mother, or Queen of the Trees. It is protective with wonderful healing properties.

Harnessing the power of Wales and spirituality, plus beautifully hand crafted with care and attention, this magical potion will take you on a flavour journey through the Welsh hills and beyond. Each small batch is crafted with adoration and passion, finessed with Celtic pagan designs and whispers of magic from the North Wales distillery.

50cl bottle


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"A perfect summer drink..."

sutble and refreshing. This is my drink of choice when sitting in my garden on a lovely summers day.

– Anne N

Tasting Notes

A Juniper forward, dry gin naturally flvoured, with no added sugar or sweetner. Noted for its; smooth viscoscity.

This distinctive elderflower blossom aroma works subtling with the base piney juniper classics London dry gin. It is light and sutble with a beautiful citrus undertones.

It is a perfect refreshing choice with a light tonic and plenty of ice.


For this gin we macerate lemons for 48 hours prior to distilliation to give it signature citrus notes.

Subtle yet complex flavour of elderflower blossom.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Double filtered premium gin bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labled and waxed sealed.

Small-batch, hand-crafted, blended with pure Welsh water which is charged by the moon and only using natural ingredients.

Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon.

Welsh water is charged by the full moon to cleanse and purify the energy before it is used in our premium award-winning spirits. Our distilled spirits are then fillered through crystals to bring a little more energy and magic.