Celebrate Halloween with the Welsh Witch’s favourite cocktail for this time of year!

Capturing Halloween

The perfect Halloween cocktail should capture the spirit of the holiday with a combination of spooky aesthetics and delicious flavours. Here are some key elements to consider when crafting a Halloween cocktail:

  1. Thematic Ingredients: Incorporate ingredients that are associated with Halloween or have a dark, mysterious, or creepy vibe. Think blackberries, blood orange juice, pomegranate seeds, or even activated charcoal for a dark hue.
  2. Unique Presentation: Get creative with the presentation of your cocktail. Consider using dry ice for a smoky effect, garnishing with gummy worms or plastic spiders, or serving the cocktail in a fun Halloween-themed glass or mug.
  3. Spooky Colours: Opt for eerie and dark colours, such as deep reds, purples, or even pitch-black. You can achieve this with coloured liqueurs or syrups like grenadine or blackcurrant, or by experimenting with food dyes.
  4. Themed Names: Give your cocktail a fun and spooky name that ties into the Halloween theme. For example, “Witch’s Brew,” “Vampire’s Kiss,” or “Zombie Elixir.”
  5. Seasonal Flavours: Utilise seasonal ingredients like pumpkin puree, apple cider, cinnamon, or cloves to evoke the flavours of fall and the Halloween season.
  6. Balancing Flavours: Ensure that your cocktail is well-balanced in terms of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol content. Experiment with different combinations of spirits and mixers to achieve a pleasing taste.
  7. Garnishes and Decorations: Elevate the visual appeal with creative garnishes like edible glitter, candy eyes, or fruit slices. These not only enhance the look but also add texture and flavour.
  8. A Touch of Mystery: Consider incorporating unexpected elements, such as a hidden layer of coloured liqueur or a surprise burst of flavour when the drink is stirred or sipped.

The Welsh Witch favourite cocktail for Halloween

When it comes to our very own Welsh Witch’s Halloween cocktail it won’t surprise you it is all about the magic this season this brings. However, rather than bobbing for apples she will be sipping them.
Roasted Apple is at the forefront of the newest addition to the Welsh Witch magical drinks range. Welsh Witch Mabon Rum celebrates the fruit harvest. Infused with roasted apple makes the perfect choice for this Halloween cocktail once again created by friend of the Welsh Witch @thejuniperpixie.

The Welsh Witch Apple Strudel


  • 60ml Mabon Rum
  • 30ml Dry Vermouth
  • 30ml Apple Juice
  • 15ml Pumpkin Spice Syrup


  • Prepare a coupe glass with a cinnamon sugar rim
  • Shake the ingredients together with ice
  • Strain into the glass
  • Take a sip and enjoy!

It tastes just like an apple strudel 😋

Remember that the perfect Halloween cocktail is one that suits your personal tastes and the preferences of your guests. Feel free to experiment and get creative, and don’t forget to have fun with the process.

Enjoy the spooktacular flavours and aesthetics of the season!