Welsh Witch Mabon Rum

Welsh Witch Mabon Rum celebrates the fruit harvest. Our smooth and silky sipping rum is infused with roasted apple.

Our Welsh Witch Rum Mabon brings to life the beauty of nature and the fruit harvest. This smooth and silky sipping rum infused with roasted apple, with a hint of the warm comforting flavour of an apple pie.

Inspired by the celebration of Mabon, a God of Welsh mythology – the Child of Light and the son of the Earth Mother Goddess. This is the Second Harvest, the Fruit Harvest and the Great Feast of Thanksgiving.

The apple is the symbol of the Fruit Harvest, featuring significantly in many sacred traditions. It is a symbol for life and immortality, for healing, renewal, regeneration and wholeness. It is associated with beauty, long life and restored youth.

50cl bottle


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"A fusion of sugar and spice and all things nice..."

With hints of sweetness and spice, this rum is incredibly aromatic with a rich and complex taste.

– Jade

Tasting Notes

Our premium roasted apple spiced rum is infused with dried fruits, spices elements finish with a whisper of whisky to complete the flavour journey.

Inspired by the traditional Welsh pudding, Eva, this a warming fall rum that feels rustic delivering both sweet and spicy tones.

Finally, our quintessentially traditional beautiful apple Welsh Witch Rum completes its journey with a whisper of whisky.

We recommend it neat on the rocks or with ginger ale and a slice of apple.


Apples are caramelised in muscovado sugar and roasted to develop a flavour that goes beyond the one noted sweetness of sugar.

This is married with a mix of secret spices before leaving to rest to give a rich and complex taste on the palate.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Our ultra-premium winning spiced rum is bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labelled and wax-sealed.

A small-batch, hand-crafted rum through a spicing process that infuses the flavour over a number of weeks and only using natural ingredients.

Welsh Witch’s Wild Moon distillery is inspired by the Pagan season Wheel of the Year, using natural ingredients found in nature throughout the seasons.
We take Caribbean white rum and go through a process to enhance it, giving it the care and attention over time to produce a beautiful, spiced rum.
Our processes are never rushed, allowing the infusing process to work its magic to create our award-winning spiced rum.