Author: Lizzie Burgess

Hi lovelies!

I’m honoured to be back again to talk about the benefits of using Welsh Witch Dry Gin in our witchery practice, especially in the run up to Halloween, a time that witches adore.

It’s our new year, and with rich history celebrating Calan Gaeaf and Samhain, the Welsh (and witches world over) love to mark the occasion and celebrate with friends. But what if we want to deepen our connection to witchcraft and our spirit practice right now?

When it comes to Samhain, and Calan Gaeaf, the sort of correspondences associated with them are recognisable in other cultures and lore too:

  • Y Ladi Wen, the Lady in White, a lot like La Llorona, White Lady of Leap Castle and White Lady of Balete Drive
  • Apples in use for divination (like throwing a peel over the shoulder to see the shape of our future loved ones name or initials), for magick and for fertility, as well as goddesses like Eris and Pomona
  • Coelcerth, relating to bonfires, would be a practice of throwing a stone with your name to the fire, and after the fire finding your stone to ensure a good year ahead
  • The nights where we remember loved ones past, and the ones still with us that we wish to keep safe and blessed, and raising a toast (or saving a glass of something special) to those who are no longer with us

Overall though this is a time spiritually when the walls between realms are thinnest, as well as it’s counterpart timing in May for Beltaine, and communication with spirits and ancestors is high up on the agenda for most witches. Whether it is for recognising the paths they carved for us and showing gratitude, whether it is for closure and a turning point in our grief journey, or whether it is simply working with the energies of the world as it fallows into stillness – Samhain spirit work is no joke.

You might be being called to spirit work more if you are noticing a lot of angel numbers, if you are experiencing lucid dreams and out of body experiences, if your energy levels are high and you can feel an intensity building in the ether. As it’s also Scorpio season, it’s a great opportunity to investigate deeper your psychic abilities.

When beginning this type of work, especially if you choose to make it a ritual, it’s often advised to come from a calm and non-anxious position. You want to be cool headed and collected when engaging with this type of work, which deserves focus and respect.

And this is where Welsh Witch Dry Gin comes into play in our practice – it offers a powerful, intense and unique way to mark this season with its flavour profile of Celtic botanicals. Why not create a very special Samhain tincture to aid in your spirit work? Tinctures are known to be a powerful way of holding energy – so why not fill yours with Samhain spirit? It could be a perfect way to deepen your practice and feel more grounded during this special time.

Here’s how:

Cleanse your space energetically in a way that feels right for you; I love clove incense, but burning garden sage, using a silver bell or even visualisation may work for you.

Fill your sterilized bottle halfway with Welsh Witch Dry Gin, then top it up with New moon water until its three quarters full.

Add a selection of herbs, spices and botanicals that have special significance to you – from cinnamon to mugwort and bay leaves. The cinnamon would work with the bitter orange, but the coriander elements will pair nicely with the mugwort too.

Seal the bottle with its stopper, then bless it in whatever way is meaningful for you. I choose to sit mine with a clear quartz crystal, a piece of tourmaline, and sit under moonlight in my windowsill.

Place your tincture somewhere safe (like a pantry or cupboard), and make sure not to move it for at least two weeks.

After two weeks, strain the liquid with a cheesecloth and bless it again with whatever ritual tools you deem appropriate.

You can use your spirit-infused tincture whenever you wish – from preparing an altar to meditation or conversations with guides, this is the perfect way to honour Samhain and connect deeper into your practice. As always, use alcohol responsibly, and dispose of your unused spell items respectfully.

I hope this sparks some ideas for you to honour Samhain, as well as deepening your connection to your own spiritual presence with Welsh Witch Dry Gin!

Enjoy the season, lovelies – Happy brewing! 🔮☕️✨

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Lizzie Burgess, a secular divination Bosswitch, runs where you can learn more about divination methods, rituals and resources that help you with your growth spiritually and professionally. Lizzie is currently finishing the upcoming book “An A to Z of Modern Divination”, where they upcycle and modernize ancient divination methods for a more accessible divinatory practice.