Today we’re going to be talking about all things alcohol and whether or not it makes a good gift in the run up to the festive season. Here at Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, we’re all about the magical experience which unfolds within the bottles of our handcrafted drinks. Each sip is a journey through Celtic pagan folklore and Welsh-inspired botanicals to tickle those tastebuds.

The short answer, to ‘does alcohol make a good gift?’, is YES! But of course, it is a lot more nuanced than that. We’re going to be unpicking the best way to gift alcohol and some alternatives to spirits as well.

Understand the gift recipient

This is probably the key takeaway from this discussion. Of course, alcohol is a great gift for many, but understanding the recipient is the best way to make a decision whether or not alcohol is a good gifting choice. Does the gift recipient like alcohol, is the first question to ask. Is it something they would enjoy, whether with friends or of an evening with a meal? If yes, this is a good start.

It then becomes a matter of ‘what alcohol do they like?’ and you can branch into one of our delicious hand-crafted gins, rums, or vodka too if that’s more their taste. If you’re not sure, an Original Dry Gin is a good choice – a crowd-pleasing staple that most alcohol enthusiasts can appreciate. We also have a selection of gift boxes which include a full size spirit and a branded Welsh Witch glass for that extra luxe experience.

Choose your potion

Our Wheel of the Year range contains a delicious range of gins, vodka, and rums. There is sure to be something for everyone! Of course everybody’s tastes are different, but if you know the person you’re gifting, there are some simple ways to pick the perfect potion for them. Try and pick up on the gift recipient’s drinking habits before purchasing a gift:

  • What do they normally drink?
  • Do they prefer sweet or dry spirits?
  • Are they a flavoured spirit person or do they prefer a classic simple spirit?

Answering these questions will help you figure out the perfect Welsh Witch potion for them.

If they are into rum, our sweet and spiced classic (and award-winning!) Spiced Rum is a great choice. This smooth rum is a great evening tipple and can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. With a whisper of whiskey too, this rum is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys their spirits neat, as it’s best enjoyed neat over ice and left to rest. Our brand new Mabon Roasted Apple Rum is a delicious flavoured alternative to the classic spiced rum. Enjoy the autumnal delights of warm apple pie in a smooth delectable tipple, perfect for those with a sweeter tooth.

If your gift-receiver is a big gin fan, well – you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of high quality gins is ripe for the picking. Brewed with love in North Wales, our gins vary from sweet and fruity, to floral and delicate, to classic and refreshing. Our Beltane Gin is a fiery yet floral blend of cinnamon and reiki infused rosewater, finished with a citrusy burst. The Imbolc Gin is a delectable blend of blackberries within a juniper-led base; bursting with flavour and perfect for a fruity gin enthusiast. For a floral gin lover, our Litha Gin is elderflower based and our Ostara Gin is violet based. Last but by no means least, our Original Dry Gin is perfect for just about anyone! Refreshing and sophisticated, this award-winning tipple was our first Welsh Witch spirit, rich with history and Welsh-inspired botanicals.

Finally, our Welsh Witch Lammas Vodka is our final pick, perfect for the vodka lovers out there. Smooth and unassuming, this simple yet classy spirit is perfect for those cocktail makers out there. Infused with Welsh water and bundles of the Welsh Witch magic touch, this is a perfect stocking filler for just about anyone.

If you’re not sure, just ask!

Of course, this might ruin the element of surprise, but sometimes asking is better than gifting alcohol if it’s not desired. For example, someone could be taking time away from drinking alcohol, recovering from a substance addiction, or avoiding alcohol due to a medication, for example. If you’re not sure, asking the recipient (or a closed loved one of theirs) if they would enjoy an alcoholic gift is probably a safe bet, as you don’t want to end up sending the wrong message and making a gift faux-pas.

Our witch’s store cupboard also contains gift items which aren’t alcohol. We have cocktail inspired candles which may be a good option, as well as Welsh Witch branded glasses, which can be used for any drink, alcoholic or not.

Get gifting ready with our Welsh Witch Craft Spirits

Whether your gift recipient is a tipple enthusiast or an occasional special-occasion drinker, our spirits will be sure to bring delight and magic. Filled to the brim with luxurious botanicals and Welsh folklore, it’ll sure be a great talking point! Not to mention, our hand-corked, waxed and bottled spirits look absolutely divine on any drinks shelf. Labelled with our mythical and magical branding, our eye-catching designs are sure to spark joy with anybody interested in magic or folklore too.

You can shop our full range of botanical delights here.

Wishing you a magnificent festive season from everybody here at Welsh Witch HQ x