Our new vodka

Happy summer witches! This is a very exciting time for the Wild Moon Distillery, as we are ready for a special launch which has been brewing away in preparation for our next Wheel of the Year addition.

If you didn’t know, our enchanting Wheel of the Year spirit range is ever expanding, and our repertoire already includes: Imbolc Gin, Ostara Gin, Beltane Gin and Litha Gin.

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Welcoming our Welsh Witch Premium Vodka

It is with delight and a handful of magic that we bring to you… our Welsh Witch Premium Vodka! Perfect for our Lammas Wheel of the Year sabbat. This has been an exciting feat in the making and we are so thrilled to share with you the potion you have all been waiting for.

Made with the best quality Welsh inspired ingredients, healing water from the Ffynnon Beuno Welsh mountains and reiki charged with aquamarine, amethyst, and moonstone crystals to create a perfectly balanced tipple ideal for luxe spirit enthusiasts. Brewed with care and triple distilled in North Wales, we’re looking to put Wales on the premium spirit map – you can read more about our hometown in our blog article ‘Welsh Witch on Wrexham’. A combination of love, expertise, and attention to detail come together to create this luxurious crowd-pleasing spirit that will surely become a staple in any collection.

How to Enjoy Our Magical New Potion

Our vodka is unassuming and an unfussy accompaniment for any of your mixer choices. Which, in essence means: pair it with what you love! There’s no discrimination here. That being said, we do recommend a high-quality premium mixer for the best flavour experience, such as a botanical cola (we love the Fever Tree cola for that delicious aromatic flavour!) or premium lemonade.

Our high-quality Welsh Witch Vodka is now available to purchase, as well as the rest of our Wheel of the Year spirits.

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