Welsh Witch – Lammas Vodka

Welsh Witch Lammas Vodka is an elegant crowd-pleaser using Welsh mountain spring water and rooted in North Wales heritage.

Inspired by the celebration of Lammas, marks the seasonal turning point of harvest and the first grain which is the starting point of high-quality vodka.

Welsh water is known for its charming healing properties, which is why it is the main foundation of our Welsh Witch Vodka. Using Ffynnon Beuno Welsh mountain spring water – sourced for its purity and sweetness in an ancient holy well – ties in with the Celtic paganism roots of the Welsh Witch Spirits collection.

The quintessential and classic flavour of our triple distilled vodka, paired with the unique knowledge of Welsh traditions and folklore, is an enchanting addition to any spirit enthusiast’s repertoire.

70cl bottle


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"An elegant crowd pleaser..."

contemporary and crisp. Perfect for cocktails.

– Jade

Tasting Notes

Our premium vodka stands proud as a crowd-pleasing spirit; an unfussy accompaniment to any mixer of your choice to create a luxurious taste journey.

The best mixer for this spirit is simply the one you enjoy most, though we recommend a more premium mixer in order to create the best romance of flavours. We recommend a botanical cola paired with our Welsh Witch Vodka to add a luxurious lift to a familiar favourite.

For a less sweet option is flavoured soda to bring a lighter more refreshing drink.


The quintessential and classic flavour of our triple distilled vodka is triple filtered from only natural ingredients.

A little bit of magic is created with the use full moon charged Welsh mountain spring water and the vodka is left for a full moon cycle.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Triple distilled and triple filtered premium vodka bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labelled and waxed sealed.

Small-batch, hand-crafted, blended with pure Welsh water which is charged by the moon and only using natural ingredients. This distilled spirit is filtered through crystals to bring a little more energy and magic.

Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon.

Welsh mountain spring water is charged by the full moon to cleanse and purify the energy before it is used in our premium spirits.

Before reaching the bottle, the vodka is trickled betwixt reiki charged aquamarine, amethyst and moonstone crystals for energy cleansing to balance and complete the process.

Once bottled, the spirits are hand-corked and waxed for their distinct apothecary style, reminding you of their botanical roots and natural processes.