Food is delicious, gin is delicious – but how do they fit together? Today we’re diving into pairing gins (and our other spirits) with foods and which ones work well together. Let’s take a look at some of our spirit flavour profiles and find out which ones compliment certain foods. This way you’ll be able to enjoy your tipples with dinner while enjoying all the delicious botanical flavours as you eat.

Why Should You Match Your Gin With Food?

Why not just wait until after dinner for your gin? Well, sometimes a good pairing of a G&T with your meal not only is enjoyable, but enhances the flavour palette of both your food and drink. If you’re a flavour enthusiast, doing this is a must – especially if you’re a gin lover and haven’t yet been enjoying the magic of flavour pairing! It’s like food and drink alchemy, and we implore you to try it.

Flavour Pairings to Try

If you’re new to pairing gins with meals, our Original Dry Gin is a good place to start, since it’s unassuming but high-quality flavour palette is a good all-rounder when it comes to pairing with food. The delicious aromatic botanicals will pair well with most things, from refreshing salads, to barbeques, to pasta and pizza!

Our Beltane Gin is a floral yet citrusy refreshing gin with a fiery kick of cinnamon to celebrate the fire rituals of Beltane. Pair this gin with something like an earthy goat’s cheese tart or a seafood such as salmon or seabass to compliment those light citrusy flavours. You could also pair our Beltane Gin with something richer, such as a casserole, a stew or a hearty soup, since those warming notes of cinnamon will bring bundles of comfort for those cosy winter evenings.

Try a G&T With Curry Night!

Bear with us on this one: why not try a lovely gin with your next curry? At first the combination may seem a little strange, but if you think about it – it works! Curries are packed full of aromatic flavours, such as cumin, garam masala and herbs; a perfectly botanical gin will complement these flavours well while offering a refreshing beverage to pair. Any curry will work well with our Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin due to the combination of gorse flower and coriander seed along with that aromatic juniper flavour to compliment all those delicious herbs and spices you’ll find in a curry.

Graze Away With Nibbles

Another great way to pair spirits with food but you’re perhaps not wanting to cook a full meal, is by creating a grazing board. Extremely easy to make and perfect for summer, a grazing board is a fun way to add some nibbles into your evening. Things like garlic and herb olives work well here, especially with our Beltane or Original Dry Gin. If you’re feeling fancy, add some charcuterie too, since the botanicals in our gins will compliment the herbs and spices in cured meats nicely too. Rich cheeses such as stilton and camembert will pair delightfully with aromatic gins such as our Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin as well, enhancing those deep, luscious, and cheesy flavours.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

And of course, dessert! This one makes the most sense to people and a G&T or alcoholic tipple while your meal wraps up with pudding is a common practice. A sweet, floral gin such as our violet Ostara Gin or our blackberry infused Imbolc Gin will work here with desserts such as pavlova, crème brulee, or cheesecake. The light and refreshing botanicals work well with light and creamy flavours for that extra bit of magic at the end of your meal.

For a heavier, richer dessert such as a chocolate torte or sticky toffee pudding, our Welsh Witch Spiced Rum will make a warming, sweet and spiced accompaniment if you fancy something a bit sweeter. If you fancy incorporating your tipples into your food, we posted a recipe last year for a Spiced Rum Butter Sauce to pour over your favourite desserts, yum!

Of course, cocktails too are like a dessert in themselves! We’ve got lots of gin and rum cocktail recommendations on our Witch’s Journal Blog for inspiration on your next dinner party cocktails to try out.

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Love and light,
Welsh Witch HQ x