Welsh Witch – Imbolc Blackberry Gin

Honouring the Imbolc celebrations, this juniper led blackberry gin is earthy, award-winning and true to Welsh heritage.

Celebrated on the first days of February every year, Imbolc is a celtic pagan holiday in the Wheel of the Year which marks the halfway point between the winter and the spring equinox.

Imbolc is traditionally the great festival and honouring of Brigid: a Goddess of Fire, of the Sun and of the Hearth. Blackberries are sacred to Brigid, the the leaves and berries are used to attract prosperity and healing, which is why they are used in abundance in our Imbolc Gin.
A delight of sweet sumptuous blackberries and London dry gin make this enchanting Welsh Witch potion a perfect celebration for Imbolc and throughout the year alike.

50cl bottle


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"As a lover of a premium London dry gin..."

I don’t usually like a flavours gin, however this one is very different. It offers a subtle flavour of blackberries whilest retaining that true gin drink, using botanticals that complement and lift the drink. Fabulous flavouring!

– Mandy G

Tasting Notes

A Juniper forward, dry gin naturally flvoured, with no added sugar or sweetner. Noted for its; smooth viscoscity.

This fruity, enchanting London dry gin is spellbound with an abundance of blackberries, with earthy notes of juniper, wormwood and angelica.

A true juniper led London dry gin, on the nose, opulence of floral essence and accomplished with a delicious fruity after taste.

This drink works with premium tonic, for a sweeter gin, try with lemonade and garnish with lemon and backberries.

We like to pair it with an aromatic tonic to enhance the spicy notes while keeping the fruitiness. We recommend Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, this really does intensify all the botanicals of the gin, garnished with sprig of mint.


For this gin we macerate lemons for 48 hours prior to distilliation to give it signature citrus notes.

Distilled with a plethora of blackberries. A fruity flavour a floral hedgerow.

Complemented with zesty and sweet citurs and a little earthiness from angelica root.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Double filtered premium gin bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labled and waxed sealed.

Small-batch, hand-crafted, blended with pure Welsh water which is charged by the moon and only using natural ingredients.

Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon.

Welsh water is charged by the full moon to cleanse and purify the energy before it is used in our premium award-winning spirits. Our distilled spirits are then fillered through crystals to bring a little more energy and magic.