Welsh Witch Samhain Rum

Welsh Witch Samhain Rum celebrates the final harvest and the start of the Pagan calendar. This smooth and silky sipping rum is infused with caramelised pear, pumpkin and warm spices.

Samhain, or otherwise known as Halloween, is Celtic New Year’s Eve and the final harvest. It is one of the major festivals of the Wheel of the Year, for many Pagans the most important festival of all making our latest spirit in our drinks range a very special addition.

We have created a rum centred around traditional rich, warming flavours to honour the turning of the wheel of the year beginning again. With it we raise a glass all those who have come before and for all that has been gifted to us during the year as we ask for guidance and to set intentions.

50cl bottle


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"Warming, rich flavours for Autumn"

A beautiful fusion of caramelised pear, pumpkin and warm spices.

– Jade

Tasting Notes

Our premium caramelised pear and pumpkin spiced rum offers a sweet and savoury flavour. Infused with dried fruits and a combination of cosy spices for a more robust taste of pumpkin pie.

Providing an autumn flavour combination inspired by the traditional Halloween symbol is a warming fall rum that feels rustic delivering sweet, spicy, and savoury notes.

We would recommend you try it neat on the rocks, with any premium mixer or part of your favourite cocktail.


Pears and pumpkin are caramelised to develop a flavour that goes beyond the one noted sweetness of sugar.

This is married with a mixed of secret spices before leaving to rest.

Hand Crafted in Wales

Our ultra-premium winning spiced rum is bottled at 40%, each corked, hand bottled, labelled and waxed sealed.

A small-batch, hand-crafted rum through a spicing process that infuses the flavour over a number of weeks and only using natural ingredients.

Welsh Witch’s Wild Moon distillery is inspired by the Pagan season Wheel of the Year, using natural ingredients found in nature throughout the seasons.

We take Caribbean white rum and go through a process to enhance it, giving it the care and attention over time to produce a beautiful, spiced rum.

Our processes are never rushed, allowing the infusing process to work its magic to create our award-winning spiced rum.