With the rise of popularity in crystals, manifestation and moon cycles, it can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start with all these spiritual terms. Ultimately, we want to make it as simple as possible if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you need a little refresher on crystals, charging them, and harnessing the magic of the moon. If you’re thinking ‘What is moon water and why are people drinking it?’, then look no further!

So, what is lunar energy?

Spiritually, many civilisations have believed in the magical properties of the moon, with each phase having different significance and healing powers. If you’ve recently embarked on a spiritual journey, or are curious about the moon, let’s unpack what happens during each lunar cycle.

Simply put, the waxing and waning on the moon can be a reflection of our own personal experiences, with life in a continuous state of ebb and flow. The moon itself is often viewed as a symbol of feminine energy, reflection and intuitive powers, and with each cycle, we can see through goals, transformations and inner journeys. The energy emitted during the moon’s phases is not to be underestimated – many people find it difficult to sleep during the full moon, or find themselves overwhelmed with emotions. The moon does control the tides, don’t forget – so it’s no wonder it has an impact on our bodies!

The way lunar energy can be utilised varies individually, but if this is new to you, there are some ways you can make a start. A new moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle, when the moon isn’t visible, as it is completely in darkness and not lit up by the sun. This time is great for new beginnings and setting intentions for the month ahead. On the other end of the scale is the full moon (which we all know and admire!) and this is the time for reflection and deep gratitude. It is during the full moon that we can admire our hard work on our intentions from the new moon, and release anything that is no longer serving us.

Using the moon to charge crystals & make moon water

The moon during its full phase is an intensely spiritual power that many people cherish. During this time of the full moon, some people may choose to charge and cleanse their crystals. Crystals are a powerful tool in the spiritual world, since many believe in their innate healing abilities and power to dispel negativity energy or emotions. This means that crystals can become blocked or ‘filled-up’ with negative energy – imagine a bucket which becomes fuller and fuller, and negativity will spill over the edges once it’s reached capacity.

Many people believe that cleansing your crystals under the full moon not only releases those collected energies, but you can charge them with higher frequencies and energies too, to make them work most efficiently. You can do this by laying out your crystals near a windowsill, or outside (if it’s not raining – some crystals don’t like water!) during the night of the full moon. The lunar energy will dispel those negative frequencies and charge up the crystal’s healing power.

You can also use this method to make moon water. Simply leave out a glass of water on a windowsill in the light of the moon, or outside (if you’re not planning on drinking it!) overnight and let the moon do it’s magic. Some people choose to drink this water, and imagine themselves harnessing the divine feminine energy of the moon and its intuition, or you may choose to water your plants, add it to a bath or use it to make a facial or body spray.

How does the Welsh Witch harness the power of the moon?

Here at Welsh Witch, rolling with the seasons and natural patterns of life is a core part of our products. Especially because our core Wheel of the Year range is what we are so passionate about: honouring mother nature and the spectacles she has to offer. That’s why each product is left to distil over an entire lunar cycle, from the new moon, through the waxing phases, to the full moon and the waning phases, in order to harness that inherently feminine lunar energy. Each batch is then filtered through reiki-charged and moon cleansed crystals for high vibrational potions, perfect for the spiritual practitioners in your life who love a luxuriously crafted beverage made with intention and care.

Each routine and practice at the Wild Moon Distillery in Wrexham has been meticulously crafted, for a magical experience that not only tastes delicious, but honours mother nature at every step.

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Happy moon charging,
Welsh Witch HQ x