Sometimes life can feel a little bit difficult and overwhelming; it’s impossible to be happy all the time, nor would it be healthy to try to be. However, there are steps you can take in order to embrace all of life’s ups and downs to feel a deep sense of contentment and inner happiness. Today we’re talking about what we can do to improve our overall feelings of satisfaction in our daily life.
Here are some simple tips which won’t cost anything other than a little bit of your time each day, that will have a huge impact on your inner happiness:

Practice Gratitude Daily

Many teachings regarding inner happiness focus heavily on being present and being thankful. These two states of being are paramount to living a happier life; practicing them often and getting into a routine of doing so is a great place to start when developing your inner happiness. Making this ritual part of your day is a great way to view life from a different perspective. Throughout your day, express gratitude for that cup of tea you’re drinking, express gratitude for your loved ones after you see them, for your pet for keeping you company. At first it may seem silly, but expressing gratitude for even the little things is a great way to increase your natural mood and feel more at ease. We get so wrapped up in what’s coming next or what’s just happened that we rarely recognise the present, which is where the contentment lies.

Let Go of What is Weighing Heavy on Your Mind

In order to move through life with ease and resilience, it is so important to deal with things that are bothering us, making us anxious or getting us down. This could be by talking about what is bothering you with a loved one, or perhaps a counsellor or therapist if the subject matter requires it. It could also be as simple as keeping a mood journal in order to keep your feelings from spiralling out of control. Bottling things up is a direct route to overwhelm, so it’s important to have an outlet for those feelings, even if it means writing on a piece of paper and burning it afterwards as a way to ‘release’ those emotions. This builds emotional resilience and you will become more confident when dealing with feelings of stress, fear or anger when you practice releasing regularly.

Find Stillness in Busy Moments

Similar to practicing gratitude, it is important to recognise when life gets stressful and overwhelming. Remember that regardless of the situation, there is always time for a long breath. Take a second to find stillness by taking a big inhale and a long, extended exhale; you can do this while stuck in traffic, getting your morning coffee, or brushing your teeth. Finding stillness in little moments will increase your resilience to external circumstances in future. If you feel inclined, carving out time to meditate is a great way to improve your mental health, ease anxiety and as a way to deal with confusing emotions. You could use tarot or oracle cards to guide the meditation if this is something that resonates with you also.

Work on Your Authentic Self

Here at Welsh Witch HQ we are all about showing up as your authentic self. Working on showing up as someone you feel comfortable in being is so important in developing that inner happiness. Starting this journey might have a lot of uncomfortable changes and transitions, but this is all a part of finding that true version of yourself. It may come to light that you need to shed old friendships, relationships, or even ideals in order to grow as a person into your authentic being, so it doesn’t come without sacrifice. Set intentions each day as the sort of person you’d like to show up as in the world and then work towards those intentions. Some examples of intentions could be ‘acting with kindness in everything I do’ or ‘feeling sure of myself and knowing I am on the right path’. Coming up with a mantra for the day based on what you truly feel and aiming towards it is a good way to set into motion goals that align with your v

Remember: No Two Journeys Will Look The Same

Of course there are many things you can do and encourage into your life in order to find inner happiness. There is no one-size-fits-all guide; it is a personal journey which is individual to you, therefore it won’t look the same as someone else’s. That is part of the joy of finding your inner happiness and working towards it, the journey is as much a part of it as the destination is. Enjoy the ride and take simple steps each day to feel at home in your own body, whether that is daily gratitude, finding stillness, or setting daily mantras and intentions.

Just know that however your journey looks, it is worthy. You are valued and you are loved.

With love and light,

Welsh Witch HQ x