This time of year is a beautiful chance to explore our abundant mother nature during these summer months. Getting outside and harvesting local foods is a great way to feel grounded and connected to nature. Not to mention, there is so much on offer during these delightful summer months that we’re going to give you some tips on foraging in the Welsh countryside (or anywhere else in the UK!). Now, let’s see what you might find on a wander through nature at this time of year.


What would August be without blackberries? During this time towards the middle-end of the month, hedgerows are abundant with juicy blackberries. Why not try grabbing some next time you head out on a walk? Blackberries are great for all sorts of recipes; make them into a syrup, icecream, blackberry cake, a delicious pie, pop some in a gin or enjoy them on their own as they are! Our Welsh Witch Imbolc Gin is filled with an abundance of blackberries for that delicious sweet, berry flavour; they are a fruit sacred to the Celtic goddess Brigid, the inspiration behind this gin.

Elderflower and Elderberries

Another staple of the summer and sweet, fragrant florals come from the elderflower plant. This deliciously sweet flower is a perfect addition to any summer home kitchen. When these flowers are picked, you can stew some and make an elderflower cordial: add this to your G&T, with some lemonade or with ice cold water for a refreshing summer beverage. The flowers are in full bloom from spring to mid-summer, before the flowers bloom in to deliciously dark and juicy berries. A note on elderberries: they are mildly toxic to eat raw, so they will need to be prepared first by either drying, cooking or processing otherwise. There are so many fruity recipes to try out with elderberries, such as crumbles, pies or even elderberry syrup, which can be taken as a remedy for cold and flu season with autumn just around the corner!

If you love elderflowers as much as we do, we have an elderflower gin – Welsh Witch Litha Gin which delights the senses with that fragrant and floral deliciousness of the summer.


We can’t forget strawberries; a perfect summer staple just about anywhere in the UK. The supermarkets are filled with the red, fleshy berries but what’s better than picking your own? While wild strawberries can be foraged, they’re not as commonly found as elderflower or bramble bushes. So you might need to do a bit more investigation if looking for wild berries, and remember to pick only plants which you can confidently identify. If in doubt, lots of places offer ‘pick your own’ experiences, where you can spend a summer’s day picking deliciously ripe strawberries to use and enjoy at home; not to mention you’ll be supporting a local farm, too!

Damson berries

During July and August, you might notice some dark blue, almost purple, berries around hedgerows in the UK. Taking on an almost blueberry and grape-like shape and colour, damson berries are a great little berry packed full of flavour. Most foragers of damson berries enjoy making them into a delectable jam or preserve, to enjoy through the winter months. They can also be made into a cordial or syrup to add some tart fruitiness to summer drinks and tipples. Why not try adding a few spoonfuls of damson syrup to a Welsh Witch G&T?


What most see as just a common weed is actually a very diverse plant which can be made into many different recipes. Dandelion honey is a great alternative which is super inexpensive to make and tastes similar to the real deal. The flowers themselves are thought to reduce inflammation and is also a great antioxidant, making them medicinally useful too! Dandelion honey is so easy to make, just add several handfuls of washed dandelion heads and two slices of lemon into some hot water on the stove until boiling, then cover leave to steep overnight. The next day, strain the liquid through a strainer or muslin cloth, then weigh out the liquid and an equal amount of sugar. Place the infused water and equal sugar into a pan and boil for around 20 minutes, until the sugar has dissolved and the honey gels when placed on a cold plate or back of a spoon.


Keep in the fridge when cooled and use in hot drinks, porridge, or drizzled over cakes; delicious!

Forage Responsibly This Summer

Remember when foraging: only take what you need and leave enough for others, don’t uproot any plants to preserve the plants for next year, and treat the environment with respect. Maybe pick up some litter if you’re there and see some on your walk too. Especially with dandelions, make sure you only pick them if there is an abundance of them in the area: they are great pollinators, bugs rely on them so it’s important to pick them responsibly so we keep our pollinating friends thriving. If you head out this August, show us your foraged haul by tagging us on Instagram @welshwitch_craftspirits (bonus points if you include any in a Welsh Witch drink!)

This time of year is a perfect time to get outdoors and cherish nature in all its glory; give thanks for your foraged goodies and celebrate with loved ones the abundance of delicious offerings the world gives. You can check out our full range of Welsh Witch craft spirits here, where we make tipples inspired by the Welsh countryside and locally inspired ingredients.

Love and light,
Welsh Witch HQ x