Welsh Witch’s award-winning distillery Wild Moon is a family run business which has been creating spirits since 2019 and currently has 3 of our spirits recognised and awarded by the Great taste awards amongst other awards bodies.

Based in Wrexham, North Wales, the distillery was founded by Jade Garston, inspired by Welsh pagan folklore and a passion for converting high quality natural ingredients into drinks that create magical moments!

Turning that passion into award-winning craft spirits

What makes Welsh Witch different is a distinct connection with Mother Earth in all our processes and a distilling process charged by the moon.
Enchanting drinkers with our natural flavours and premium taste, Welsh Witch is the world’s only distillery to be charged by the moon.

Each bottle is allowed to mature over a full moon cycle, the spellbinding perfection of Welsh Witch is conjured from nature’s purest offerings plus the most magical resource that Wales has to offer – its water.

We take our inspiration from the Celtic Pagan Wheel of the Year which celebrates the seasons, each bringing an abundance of beautiful ingredients to make our hand-crafted drinks.

The Witch behind the magic

It is in fact Jade, the Welsh Witch, at the core of what truly makes Welsh Witch different. Jade, one of the UK’s few female distillers, carries out the entire process from start to finish.
Since making potions as a little girl, she has turned her love of botanicals into a magical line of products which ooze magic and warmth.

This means there is high quality control, small batches of botanical goodness, and an underlying passion for luxurious spirits and ingredients. Each stage of the process – from label designing and branding, to bottling and hand-waxing the corks – requires finesse and expert craftsmanship.

However, the magic she creates is more than simply about the care and attention she puts into it. Her spiritual beliefs that further enrich the process.

Being a Witch is a spiritual alternative to help navigate modern life; it not only centres around nature, but is deeply rooted in being kind, present and true to yourself. In short it is about happiness from within.
It’s this magical outlook and set of beliefs that makes Jade and Welsh Witch crafts spirits so special.

“I’ve always been a deeply spiritual person. From making potions in the bath using garden foliage, to collecting seashells and intriguing stones from the beach. As I grew older, I started collecting healing crystals, using tarot & angel cards and it became a part of life and my love for witchcraft grew stronger.

Sharing Jade’s proud Welsh heritage and personal beliefs

Welsh Witch is more than a drinks brand, it’s Jade’s passion brought to life and allows her to share a magical way of life with the world.

From the moment of business conception, Welsh heritage has been weaved into Jade’s business from the get-go.

Jade is very proud of her roots, she wanted to bring the cultural folklore (the Mabinogion) and age-old traditions of Wales to the modern-day consumer. Intertwined with a rich dedication to paganism and spirituality, the luxe spirits created by Welsh Witch are both a marvel for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Through her spirits, Jade hopes to bring forth more education around spirituality, witch culture and her love of her hometown Wrexham, in the beautiful country of Wales.