As we approach the beginning of the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd of September, we invite you today to a guide of all things Mabon, preparing for winter and cosy rituals for the darker evenings ahead. This time of year is perfect for getting your cosy on, chilling out and venturing inwards into your feminine energy.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do during this autumn equinox in order to make the most of the changing seasons.

Things to Do During the Autumn Equinox

Mabon is celebrated between the 21st and 29th of September, so right during the autumn equinox. This celebration comes from the changing of seasons and the equal amount of light and dark during each day. Check out our blog on the best ways to celebrate Mabon for some inspiration.

Mabon rituals might include a light ritual, feasting with friends or as simple as setting intentions for the winter months ahead.

Before we come to the end of delicious berry season, get outside and forage some blackberries, elder berries or sloes. This time of year is perfect for finding an abundance of treats in nature, perfect for baking and making into new recipes. Preserving them into jams and syrups to enjoy in the winter is a great thing to do this time of year too!

Remember to change with the seasons

With the changing of weather and the autumn solstice upon us, nature reminds us to always be in flux. Change is welcomed and encouraged in order to grow. This autumn you could try out a new hobby or craft which you can use the darker, winter evenings to refine and improve upon. If you’re the creative type, maybe try your hand at crocheting, watercolour painting or punch needling. If you’d prefer something more athletic, try a new exercise class or find some videos online of yoga, pilates or ballet.

You could even try your hand at becoming a cocktail master to impress all your friends at those Christmas dinner parties – check out some of our favourite Welsh Witch cocktail recipes here.

The cyclical nature of life and the Wheel of the Year helps us embrace and trust in the natural processes throughout the calendar year. Celtics and pagans remember that each sabbat is necessary and important in order for life to thrive. The same will come back around next year; so while we know it’s sad to see the summer coming to a close, we know that we’ll see it again soon. For now, we can enjoy the marvels of the winter months with cosy recipes, chilly Sunday mornings and the magic of Yule ahead. This change reminds us to be grateful for each moment. Practicing gratitude is a perfect way to give thanks back to nature, especially at the time of the solstice; try saying a little thanks to nature for always providing abundance and a safe space for growth.

Make some time to see the sun set

As is common with the summer solstice, witches and pagans make an effort to watch the sunset and/or sunrise on the autumn equinox. Places like Stonehenge are popular destinations to do this in, but just the act of spectating the sun setting and rising wherever you are (you don’t have to do both, pick one or the other) on the equinox is a beautiful way to appreciate the new solstice. Pagans, celts and other religions have been celebrating these moments for thousands of years.

Have you ever watched the sun set on a Solstice day? Why not give it a go?

Time to embrace Spiced Rum season!

We all know and love this time as filled with pumpkin spice here there and everywhere, but at Welsh Witch HQ this time is all about the Spiced Rum! As we’ve spent the summer enjoying our fruity and floral gins, now is the time to welcome with open arms the warming winter belter every bar cart needs! Our award-winning Welsh Witch Spiced Rum is the perfect autumnal drink, with sugar, spice and everything nice; handmade to perfection in the hills of North Wales. Pair it with a botanical cola, add into a Bara Brith recipe or enjoy neat on its own over ice, this Spiced Rum can fulfil all your whimsical autumnal drink wishes!

Wishing you a happy and healthy Autumn Equinox!

We hope your autumn solstice is filled with joy and magic, as we enter a new season and sabbat. Let us know how you like to spend Mabon and the autumn equinox on our social media @welshwitch_craftspirits; here you can also keep up to date on any new product launches, special offers and even giveaways. You can also shop our full range of award winning Welsh spirits here.

Love and light,
Welsh Witch HQ x