Our Lammas Vodka was on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend!!

We’re absolutely over the moon to finally be able to shout about appearing on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend.

To have our Vodka handpicked to be featured by Andy Clarke in his autumn drink’s slot as part of the celebration of harvest has blown us away. As a food/drink writer, broadcaster, event host, TV producer/director, Andy’s is one of the UKs most exciting and vibrant voices in the food and drink industry.

We can’t thank Andy, Alan and the team enough for giving us the opportunity to be featured on such a popular TV show with our favourite gardener. It means so much to us to be recognised and share the infectious Welsh Witch magic and passion with the nation.

Our new Vodka brings something a little different to our range whilst remaining true to our magical roots in nature as it celebrates harvest’s first gain. Not only that but Welsh Witch Lammas Vodka uses Welsh mountain spring water to create this magical potion. This distilled spirit is filtered through crystals to bring a little more energy and magic. It allows us to not only showcase our drinks but the rich pride and beauty of North Wales.

“We’re passionate about constantly creating new drinks that people love and all of our spirits have their own unique processes to make them stand out from the crowd. Being hand crafted in small batches in our North Wales distillery means we can ensure care and attention to every detail and we can remain true to our values.

Seeing our creations on TV gives me the most magical feeling inside and I couldn’t be more proud of my business, my products and all of those that have supported me along the way”

Jade Garston, Welsh Witch


Describing Andy Clarke’s Pear Harvest Spritz Alan says

“This isn’t totally Sweet either – it’s really tasty!”

Alan Titchmarsh, Gardener, Broadcaster, Poet and Novelist


“Made to celebrate the first harvets of grains. This vodka is very very smooth, it’s actually using Welsh water from the mountains near Wrexham and it’s actuall poured through Reiki crystals as well so its actually got a very soft texture which stops it from being so harsh, some vodka drinks can be ‘woah’ but this isn’t.” 

Andy Clarke, Food/Drink Writer, Broadcaster, Event host, TV producer/Director

If you missed us live, you can watch back on ITV X here: https://www.itv.com/watch/love-your-weekend-with-alan-titchmarsh/10a0437

and if you want to try out Alan’s Welsh Witch Vodka cocktail for yourself, here’s the link to get our new Vodka https://www.wild-moon.co.uk/shop/welsh-witch-vodka/

Love and light,
Welsh Witch HQ x