Our award-winning craft spirits are made using tried and tested methods, Welsh-inspired ingredients and the knowledge of wise folklore to brew our magical potions. Not only is each spirit hand-bottled, hand-corked and waxed for that mystical apothecary style, they’re packed and labelled by hand for maximum quality every time. Each of our spirits goes through their own carefully crafted small batch process. Today we’re going to delve into the magical secrets of the Welsh Witch and share a little bit about how gin is made, and what makes our crafted potions extra special.

The process of gin making

To create our Welsh Witch Craft Gins, we use the London Dry Gin process, an age-old method which we find to be the best for our products. We start with our base of NGS (which stands for neutral grain spirit), which is what is used as the foundations of any white spirit. At this point, we mix our NGS with Welsh Water, which we use to keep our spirits packed with as many Welsh ingredients as we can. We source our Welsh water from the Ffynnon Beuno well, where it is believed over centuries to have healing powers within it. This intertwines our beloved Welsh folklore with our spirits right from the get-go.


Using the moon cycles during our crafting process

This base of NGS and Welsh water is then left to charge under a full moon cycle, with 21 litres of water charged within each batch. We do this to invite the lunar energy to cleanse and age our spirits to perfection, integrating this pagan tradition into our Welsh Witch drinks. Then comes the fun part: we add botanicals. This is the part that feels like brewing a magic potion.

Adding high quality ingredients to our vapour and boil, this is where our spirits get their unique flavours. We may add cinnamon or rosewater if we’re making our Beltane Gin, or we would add gorseflower, coriander seed and bitter orange for that unique Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin flavour. This is then processed to a stable temperature and we take 50ml of heads with the rest run through the process.

Next begins the testing process of volume, liquid and ABV. This is an important step which includes cutting with water to reach that 40% ABV in order to be bottled and follow regulations. It is then once again left to rest over a full lunar cycle in order to infuse and brew that magic that is known and loved in Welsh Witch Craft Spirits.

Small batches for high quality magic

Because each of our spirits is made in small batches, it means we can check for the highest quality in each one. Our expertise means that magic is guaranteed in each hand-poured bottle, and each one comes from the wonderful brain of founder and Welsh Witch herself, Jade. Bottled in house in our Wrexham distillery, our spirits are a perfect first step into learning about mystical Welsh folklore and ancient celtic pagan traditions.

Finished with care and touches of sparkle

Each bottle before it reaches the shops or your hands is hand-finished with a cork and sealed with wax, as well as a beautiful mystical label: part of our iconic witchy branding. You can really feel the love in each drop. If you decide to give your own brewing a go, picking high quality ingredients is the best tip for making sure your spirit is as luxurious as can be.

If you’re feeling inspired, or would like to shop the range of our Welsh Witch Craft Spirits, you can do so here, where you can see our magical Wheel of the Year inspired beverages.

Or, if making your own gin seems like a big task – maybe try out some of our fabulous cocktail recipes instead, that way you can feel like a potion-maker and please your guests at the same time!

Happy mixing,

Welsh Witch HQ x