The Spring Equinox & Ostara: Things to Prepare and Look Forward To

As we celebrate the first day of spring equinox and Ostara, we thought we’d share with you some magical things to do, prepare, and look forward to in this cheerful time of year. Everybody loves spring: flowers blooming, easter choccies to enjoy, and the marvellous start of warmer weather and all the joy of summer ahead. What’s not to love?

That being said, it’s a perfect time to get those ducks in a row and sort things out ready for the big shift towards masculine energy of ‘doing’, after the long winter filled with cosiness, turning inwards and feminine energy. Blue skies, daffodils, Mini Eggs – is it any wonder that the coming of spring is excellent for our mental health?!

We’re excited for all the magical flowers to bloom!

So, what can we prepare to be ready for all the magic spring is bringing?

Tidy your space, as well as your mind

Tidy house, tidy mind, as the saying goes. But we don’t just encourage you to sort out that old clutter hanging around your house, your brain is just as important. We all know the term ‘spring cleaning’; for some it’s a chore and others it’s great fun! Use this time of change and rebirth during Ostara to let go of mental clutter. For instance, let go of and release connections or relationships that are no longer serving you – anything that is holding you back from blooming yourself. It might even be self-doubt or limiting beliefs; release these notions so you can enter the next season with abundance and vivacity.

Make a plan of action!

Get ready to rumble with a spring action plan! There’s no better way to get prepped for a new season than by setting a list of goals and to-dos. Find an afternoon, perhaps on a chilly evening or cosy Sunday afternoon, and write down 3, 5, or maybe even 10 goals to aim for in the spring season. You could create a vision board to visualise those goals, or create a goal journal to track your progress. This is a great system to build optimism and energy into your every day routine, perfect for entering that ‘get up and go’ masculine energy this equinox brings.

Similarly, reflect on the months passed

We love reflection and turning inwards here at Welsh Witch, and wellbeing is so inherently linked to gratitude and self-awareness. By turning your attention inwards and adopting a grateful mindset, you’ll set yourself up for a magical spring. Look back over the last few months and notice how they make you feel; are you relieved the dark, gloomy night are over? Are you missing family after Christmas festivities? However you feel, sit with those emotions and acknowledge that they are valid; be grateful that they have come and passed, and think about all that you get to experience in the next few months!

Be inspired by seasonal ingredients

One of the best parts of the changing seasons is the change in seasonal produce, food habits and seasonal recipes! Try a recipe with a spring vegetable, such as spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli, leeks, or parsnips. Or perhaps try your hand at a seasonal rhubarb crumble.

Our Welsh Witch Ostara Gin is perfect for this time of year, as it’s filled with an abundance of spring violets,; sweet and powdery florals adorn a hearty Welsh Gin. Top with lemonade for a spring tipple to get anybody feeling sunny and cheerful! You can shop the Ostara gin, or view our full range of premium Welsh spirits here.

Our Welsh Witch Ostara Gin

We love Ostara here at Welsh Witch HQ, and are very excited for this cyclical rebirth cycle of the earth beginning to bloom, along with ourselves too. The time of year for growth, taking action and grabbing life with both hands! This year holds many promises, and we are excited to see where it takes us, as well as you – we’re all connected! Enjoy this magical time of year and we can’t wait to be sipping a gin and tonic outside in the sunshine soon enough!

Sending Ostara blessings your way,
Welsh Witch HQ x