Check out our Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs! Quite often we get questions about which mixers to pair with our premium spirits. Well, introducing the Welsh Witch Pairing Wheel! We hope to make your life easier with our flavour pairing chart to help you pair winning combinations together! Of course, our pairs are a guide and if you fancy adding something totally different, more power to you! Tell us your favourite things to pair with our spirits over on @welshwitch_craftspirits on Instagram.


Welsh Witch and the Pagan Wheel of the Year


Now, we appreciate the cyclical nature of wheels and continuation in our folklore, and in nature itself. Our core collection is based around the Celtic Pagan Wheel of the Year. The year features 8 sabbats – or celebrations – starting with Imbolc in February, entering Ostara in March, Beltane in May, Litha, Lammas on August 1st, Mabon, Samhain and Yule at the end of the calendar year. Celtic pagans have different traditions for each celebrations, for example, you can see how Samhain is celebrated by reading our blog post from last month.

We are in a constant state of evolution and new ideas keep us turning. One of our favourite things is feeling like our products are interconnected in ways much deeper than you might realise. All of our spirits are like a sisterhood. Strong and empowering on their own but still just as beautiful and brilliant when all together. You can mix and match our Welsh Witch Craft Spirits to find your favourites, or order a taster box if you’re not sure yet.


Learning which botanicals pair well with which mixers seems like a task for quite the flavour connoisseur. But, we’re making dreamy flavours even more accessible. We’re opening up a world of combinations that you may never have thought of. For example, our Imbolc Edition Gin (with notes of tangy blackberries) works excellently well with a premium quality sparkling apple juice; a delightful tipple perfect for those autumnal evenings. Our dreamy delicately floral infused Ostara Edition Gin works well with a muted tonic, in order to highlight the flavour of the naturally sourced elderflowers.


Celebrations are a huge part of the inspiration behind the Wheel of the Year gins. Also, it ties in with the cyclical nature of our world and how things are always evolving. We use natural and, where possible, locally foraged ingredients in our products to make them as authentically botanically brewed as possible. We stick to traditional methods as well as incorporating crystals and the lunar cycle in our distillation processes.


What are our Welsh Witch perfect pairings?


 Our easy Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs visual aid to make perfect drink combos every time!

Here at the Wild Moon Distillery, we have a wide range of botanical spirits to tickle your fancy. Whether you are a sweet tipple lover, or prefer something strong and neat. Our magical Potions & Elixirs will be sure to enchant your senses and start a whirlwind of a flavour journey. Keep reading to see which Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs are your favourite!


Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin

welsh witch original dry gin

Shop our award-winning Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin here

Starting with our Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin; our classic bar cart staple that every household needs. Strong, hearty and filled with all the gusto from North Wales. Our juniper-led and Silver award-winning Original Dry Gin is an excellent start your Welsh Witch journey. With notes of coriander seed, citrus and locally foraged gorse flower, it’ll be sure to set your standard for gins going forward. Our gins use pure Welsh water which has mystical folklore intertwined and long believed healing properties; sourced close to our distillery in North Wales.


To pair with our Original Dry Gin, we suggest a premium quality tonic. This is to compliment the flavours of the complex yet classic herbaceous flavour of the gin. A neutral mixer helps to not mute the flavours of the base too much. If you like dry gins, this should suit you just right. If you’re not so keen on tonic, you can pair it with a premium quality lemonade instead, but in order to taste the crispness of the gin itself, make sure you don’t pick a flavoured lemonade, just lemon based sparkling beverages will compliment our gin the best. Our Original Dry Gin has won numerous awards too, so you can rest assured that you’ll get high quality flavour magic with every sip.


Welsh Witch Spiced Rum

welsh witch spiced rum Shop our award-winning Welsh Witch Spiced Rum

Our award-winning Spiced Rum is quite the talk of the town, having won a gold medal in the Ultra-Premium category of The Spirits Business: Global Luxury Masters Competition. We won’t beat around the bush. Our Spiced Rum is best served neat, over ice, and left to rest for a few minutes before drinking. If that’s your cup of tea: go for it! Alternatively, for our Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs we recommend pairing it with a botanical cola or a premium ginger beer; anything premium in quality will compliment the flavours of our spicy and sweet rum nicely. If you’re looking to gift our Spiced Rum, we have a ready-paired potion box with our Gold Medal winning Spiced Rum plus a botanical cola ready to go. Perfect for the festive season to feel jolly with a warming spicy tipple.


Welsh Witch Imbolc Edition Gin

Our Imbolc Edition Gin in its iconic apothecary style bottle

Our Imbolc gin is our homage to the Imbolc festival honouring the goddess Brigid. She is known for her poetry, crafting and protection. The main essence of our Imbolc gin is blackberries: a sacred plant honoured by Brigid for attracting healing and prosperity. Pair with a fragrant pink Mediterranean tonic to help intensify the botanicals of the spirit and garnish with a sprig of mint. Similarly, a fragrant Indian tonic would also help to bring out the complimentary flavours of the blackberries, wormwood and angelica.

With blackberries being a sweet addition to our botanical gin base, using a tonic helps to balance out the sweetness. If you have a really sweet tooth, a refreshing premium lemonade, ice and blackberries to garnish will go down a treat in the hot summer months. Try them both out and tell us which one you like best! If you’re up for trying something different, try out a premium cloudy apple juice with our Imbolc Gin for all the blackberry-and-apple autumnal vibes!


Welsh Witch Ostara Edition Gin


Ostara signifies the beginning of spring and the blooming of flowers. This gin honours the changing of the seasons with an abundance of violets laying the groundwork for this premium spirit. Celebrating new beginnings and the spring equinox, we think our Ostara edition gin is blooming lovely; if you want to ride the floral train all the way through, pair with an elderflower tonic for a romantic bouquet of flavours. Alternatively, you can pair with a quality plain tonic to enjoy the violet essences on their own.

Our blooming lovely Welsh Witch Ostara Edition Gin

Welsh Witch Beltane Edition Gin

Beltane is a special celebration for the Welsh Witch. Since she is a May baby herself, the Beltane | Calan Mai Edition Gin was the first product in the Wheel of the Year collection. Our Beltane Gin is reminiscent of the fire festivals associated with Beltane celebrations. Inside, you’ll find hints of cinnamon, orange and a touch of florals. This Bronze award winning spirit is a perfect spring and summer drink. And, with floral, citrus and crisp flavour notes, our perfect pairs will set your heart on fire. Pair with a premium quality lemonade for that citrus summer fizz we all know and love. Similarly, a citrus tonic will bring out the fragrant elements and compliment the hint of spice.


Welsh Witch Litha Edition

Up next in our Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs, our dreamy Litha Edition gin is the perfect summer potion to reminisce on all things floral, romantic and ethereal. Litha welcomes the flavours of elderflower as the Mother Goddess honours its sacredness and healing properties. Create a delectable potion of freshness by pairing our sweet, floral Litha gin with a crisp cucumber tonic for a perfect refreshing drink all year round. On a similar theme, a sharp lemon tonic helps to balance out the botanical florals. This helps to create a perfect marriage of sweetness and sharpness.

What are your Welsh Witch Perfect Pairs?

welsh witch craft spirits

Our sisterhood of Welsh Witch Craft Spirits

 It seems there’s an endless possibility of spellbinding combinations when it comes to our Welsh gins and spirits. Whether you like sweet, floral, sharp or herbal, there’s a perfect flavour combination out there dependent on your tastes. So, we’re always on the lookout for the best ways to showcase our botanically brewed potions. If you have a cocktail recipe you’ve made with our spirits or you have a preferred way to enjoy Welsh Witch Premium Spirits, let us know! We’d love to hear about your flavour magic. You can follow us on Instagram at @welshwitch_craftspirits to see what’s brewing in our witch’s cauldron. Keep up to date on the news and blog pages in our witch’s journal, or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop with new releases, discounts and delicious recipes.