With Yule and the festive season fast approaching, we’re going to be discussing the 7 best gifts for the goddess in your life. Embracing all things magic, this is our run down to help you breeze through the gift process with ease. Let’s unpick the best presents from our gallery of botanical beverages.

7. Mabon Spiced Rum

The new kid on the block and ready to shine, our newly-released Mabon Rum is ready to be enjoyed. Perfect for the goddess in your life that is all about their autumnal scents, flavours and cosiness. This roasted apple flavoured rum is a perfect addition to all things cosy; pair with a botanical cola or enjoy in a warming cocktail.

6. Beltane Gin

Our Beltane gin is an award-winning masterpiece from the Welsh Witch, packed full of fiery cinnamon, reiki infused rosewater and a delectable burst of citrus. This gin is a perfect warming tipple, brimming with Welsh-inspired botanicals and the essence of Beltane fire rituals. For the pagan folklore lover, the Beltane gin is a great gift this festive season.

5. Lammas Welsh Witch Vodka

Vodka lovers rejoice! This magical spirit is inspired by the grain harvests of Lammas. Made with healing Welsh water from Ffynnon Beuno, this vodka is brewed with love in the hills of North Wales. A classy and sophisticated vodka, this is perfect in cocktails and enjoyed neat. Our Lammas vodka was even featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend.

4. Imbolc Welsh Witch Gin

Perfect for the fruity gin loving goddess in your life, this blackberry infused gin is a delicious seasonal reminder of the abundance of nature. As an homage to the Goddess Brigid herself, this gift to your very own goddess is the pinnacle of divine feminine energy. Brigid is the goddess of fertility and life itself, so this berry-filled gin brings you all the magic of Brigid and her goddess ways.

3. Welsh Witch Spiced Rum

Our award-winning Spiced Rum is a spirit to be marvelled at. Filled with all things sweet, spicy and delicious, this rum is a perfect addition to any spirit-enthusiast’s collection. Gifting this to the goddess in your life reminds them that they are filled with all the fire of cinnamon and hints of whisky, while still embodying the femininity of delicate sweetness. Inspired by the Welsh bara-brith tea loaf, this rum is an homage to the traditional spices and practices passed down through generations.

2. Welsh Witch Original Dry Gin

The first and original spirit from Welsh Witch, our multi award-winning Original Dry Gin. Bursting with botanicals and high-quality ingredients, this gin is an absolute staple for any gin drinker. Smooth and elegant, yet aromatic and traditional, this gin marries locally foraged gorseflower, coriander seed and bitter orange to make a magical gin that delights the senses.

1. Triple Goddess Box – Trio of Welsh Witch Spirits

And if after all that, you still can’t decide, our Triple Goddess Box does all the hard work of deciding for you. Three beautifully displayed miniatures of our best-selling spirits is a perfect way for a goddess to sample all three magic potions. Inside you’ll find our Original Dry Gin, Welsh Witch Spiced Rum and our Beltane Edition Gin; so there is something for every taste. The hardest part will be not keeping them for yourself!

We hope that has made the idea of gift giving this season even easier for loved ones and the goddesses in your life. Spreading joy and magic is as easy as ever with our botanical potions rooted in Welsh folklore. Enjoy responsibly and we wish you a delightful festive season.

Welsh Witch HQ x